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We are a research team1 working on behalf of LABEX CAP (Laboratory of Excellence « Creation, Arts and Heritage ») in Paris, an observatory and experimental research laboratory working under the auspices of the French Ministry of Culture as well as in collaboration with other French institutions.2

We are currently conducting a research project (Start date: March 2018) to build a conceptual and practical framework for the study of sound design3. By adopting an approach globally inspired by design research, the project focuses on the main actors of the discipline, the sound designers, through an analysis of their practice according to different perspectives (artistic, musicological, socio-cultural, technical, ecological and scientific).

By means of large-scale studies – realised through interviews, an online questionnaire, and extracts and quotes from relevant sources – the project will promote understanding of the creative process underlying sound design, building consistent (historical, anthropological and methodological) knowledge about the discipline, and consequently, better evaluate how sound design impacts the artistic, technical or scientific domains.

As we are currently setting the ground of this extensive investigation, we have started compiling a list of sound designers operating in Europe (we are hoping to open our research to other countries, at a later stage) and a list of institutions in Europe - universities, associations, schools, specific courses and masters, studios and private companies - that operate in the field.
If you are a sound designer or a composer/sound designer, and are interested in participating to our research project, please fill the form here with the code “AUDIT”:
and/or pass this message on to other professionals, colleagues or teachers in sound design.
This work is done for specific research purposes. This list and all participant information will be kept confidential and will not be communicated to third parties. No data will be shared with others and the data gathered will only be used for this evaluation research, in accordance with privacy standards set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation in effect in the EU since May 25, 2018.

We will contact you again in the near future with more accurate details. Moreover, it is our intention that in the future this list will serve to create a network of professionals operating in the broad field of sound design. In the form of a mailing list, it will serve as a central go-to point of contact, as a communication channel, as an information sheet (conferences, journals, events…).

If you have any further questions about the research or you need any additional information, you may email the research team at or simply reply to this message.

In the meantime, thank you very much for your time.
(Apologies for cross-posting)

All the best,

The "Analysis of Sound Design Practices" team:

Nicolas Donin,
David Fierro,
Nicolas Misdariis,
Frank Pecquet,
Laura Zattra.
Labex CAP (Création, Arts et Patrimoines)
STMS Ircam-CNRS-SU / equipe APM
STMS Ircam-CNRS-SU / equipe PDS
(Arts Créations Théories Esthétiques)

3.   Sound design can be considered as a field of design which consists in taking into account, through a collaborative process, the sonic dimension during the conception phase of a product (tangible), an interface (digital) or an environment (spatial).

As a point of contact between the fields of art, industry and sciences, sound design practices are used in a wide range of fields where taking sound into consideration is pertinent from both a functional and aesthetic point of view: audio-visual production (film, video games, theater), product manufacture (home appliances, digital display), service infra-structures (transportation), environment (architecture/urbanism, ecology, museography), communication (advertising, marketing, sound branding, broadcasting), performing arts (music, sound installations), etc.

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2 The Labex CAP - Création, Arts et Patrimoines. (
The ACTE Institute - Arts Créations Théories Esthétiques.
The IRCAM/APM team « Analyse des Pratiques Musicales».
The IRCAM/PDS team « Perception et Design Sonores ».

Analysis of Sound Design Practices - 2018

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