Montag, 28. Januar 2019

GRAT - Kai Niggemann & Henning Pertiet. Experimental Ambient: CD Release and Tour with 2x Buchla 200e

GRAT - Tour & Release (CD/Digital)

GRAT is the joint venture of the two seasoned electronics artists Kai Niggemann and Henning Pertiet from Germany, CHAOSMAGIC marks their debut release together. They met and began collaborating after they discovered how their similar approach to their common instrument – the enigmatic and elusive, rare and obscure Buchla 200e Electric Music Box – nonetheless leads them to very different results.

Their album CHAOSMAGIC is a type of ambient music, best described as a virtual soundtrack to a lucid dream. CHAOSMAGIC is inspired by the literary genre of magic realism and the experimental electronics of the 1960s. It’s a jiggy pop jive from a parallel dimension. It’s an experiment that rips you out of your seat and throws you into the middle of the dance floor. It’s a meditation, created in a semi-improvised way and heavily influenced by the literary genre of magic realism… the hushed whispers of the libraries of Borges, the drone from the basement of a House of Leaves, traditionals from Lovecraft Country, and packing the songbook for a roadside picnic… Kraut, Jazz, New Music, SciFi-Soundtracks and alien Acid House. 

You can catch GRAT - Kai Niggemann & Henning Pertiet on tour at one of these dates:

07. Feb – Kulturcafe Rautenkranz, Isernhagen
13. Feb – Anachronism, Schwankhalle Bremen
14. Feb – Anachronism, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
22. Feb – Spektrum Neukölln, Berlin
23. Feb – Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld
16. Apr – Xerox Exotique #039 @ Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt am Main
17. Apr –  Bochum (tbc)

CHAOSMAGIC is now available for preorder on Bandcamp:

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