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SUB ROSA info / 147 / UNIVERS ZERO / DAVID SHEA / 2019


Phosphorescent Dreams

CDSR483 digipack
LPSRV483 limited marbled vinyl

Available for the first time outside Japan, and on LP
and CD,Phosphorescent Dreamsis another epic album
of symphonic schizophrenic avant-rock from Univers
Zéro, originally released - only on CD - on the
Japanese label Arcàngelo.

Phosphorescent Dreamspresents at the same time,
in the same track, even on a single moment, the complex
musical schemes and ways of Univers Zéro, ranging
from maximalism to minimalism, classical avant-garde
with a 2020 vibe in a constant flux.
In a blend of tension constantly emerging from a subtle
dialogue between avant-rock and contemporary influences, harmonies and dissonance,Phosphorescent Dreamsis
a balanced formula of old-school know-how reshaped
almost 40 years after the released of the seminal
LP Univers Zéro.

Univers Zerorepresents one of the longest-living bands in Belgium.
It was established in 1974. Drummer Daniel Denis had the brilliant
idea to gather together a team of professionals sharing the same taste
for music. The band has adopted an instrumental progressive style.
Over the last couple of decades, the band has also implemented a series
of influences from chamber music - most commonly, chamber music
from the 20th century. Even if the line-up changes a lot over the years,
the overall sound ofUZremained fairly consistent.

Track Listing CD
1.Shaking Hats  9'43
2.Vocation  4'46
3.Très Affables  7'29
4.Rêve Mécanique  12'30
5.Les Voleurs d'Ombre  9'57
6.L'espoir perdu  5'25
7.Phosphorescent Dream  12'43
 Track Listing LP
side A
1.Shaking Hats  9'43
2.Vocation  4'46
3.Très Affables  7'29
side B
4.Phosphorescent Dream  12'43
5.Les Voleurs d'Ombre  9'57

 Univers Zero on Sub Rosa
* Relaps (gatefold LP SRV392) out of stock
* Univers Zero (gatefold LP SRV399) out of stock
* Hérésie (LP + insert  SRV401)available
* Ceux du Dehors (LP + insert  SRV403)available


the Tower of Mirrors
2LPSRV94limited Red vinyl
barcode 5411867330943

25 years ago,David Sheareleased a crafty piece
of complex philosophical and narrativeaudiocolage:
The Tower of Mirrors.
Composed and produced in New York City, during September-October 1995, it includes 24 tracks, and 
features guests such as David Morley on analog
synthesizer programming, Dave Douglas on trumpet,
Zeena Parkins on piano & prepared piano, Jim Pugliese
on percussions.
This is what DS had to say about it in 1995 >

"In 1994, i wrote a work based on theHsi-Yu Chinovel
for a large ensemble and sampler which used the 100
chapters as a map for creating an independent musical
work.The Tower of Mirrorsis a work that began as a
collection of pieces for sampler solo  and for sampler and
solo instrumentalist. a series of 'mirrors' for solos and
duos based on parts of the novel. also a collection of
tributes to composers in ambient dance music, exotica,
easy listening film music and experimental music formed
separate points of entry. in particular many of the great
arrangers and composers of the period from 1955-64 who
were the pioneers of stereo recording such as: Esquivel,
Marty Gold, The Three Suns, André Popp... historical
teachings (often completely out of order), religious
lessons, and a host of allegorical, historical figures
encountered much in the same way as in Dante's
La Divina Comedia."

2019, looking into the (in)side mirror, David Shea says
more about this particular experiment:
"I'm reflecting today on the period of my life where
I was immersed in the Chinese mythological Taoist/Buddhist
stories of the Monkey King - Sun Wu Kung - titled, in English,
The Journey to the West. I was also lost in sea of Hong Kong
films and living in New York working in many of John Zorn's projects (Elegy being one of many high points) and just
beginning my own tours in Europe and with Sub Rosa.
Tower of Mirrors became a defining cross into to the last
20 years of my life. I felt thrown into the ethersphere during
the years of 94 95 myself and I could not be more grateful
to have created during and survived that time. I collaborated
with so many during my travels and the credits are full of
the people I was so lucky to have crossed paths with.
I began a different path soon after this, with my interest
in exploring Italian and Irish roots and reflecting on my
teenage years of studying Taoism, Chan Buddhism,
meditation and martial arts and what followed was
a long period of influence from Giacinto Scelsci and
Luc Ferrari to traditional Chinese and Buddhist musics.
Enjoy and explore the references and connections I wanted
to share then and now.

David Shea August 2019

the Tower of Mirrors was the third album of David Shea
released by Sub Rosa, after the acclaimedPrisonerand
I (for sampler solo).

track Listing 2LP
side A
01Red Jade 2.33
02Entering 0.35
03The Tower 2.58
04Mirrors 0.47  
05Elegy 3.12
06Exotic Gardens 2.31
07Locus Solus 2.10
08The Green Green World 2.38
09Kuan-Yin Mirrors 2.35
side B
01The Forbidden City 1.45
02The Machines 4.40
03Chang-O Changes Form 3.46
04Tuning 1.26
05The Pure Land Of Illusions 6.32
side C
01Canto I-XX 2.08
02Schizoid 5.24
03Hammer And Anvil 2.58
04The Red Chapel 3.14
05Canton Noir Blues 4.33
side D
01Song Of The Old 1.18
02The Lovers 3.16
03Sallambo & Salome 4.45
04Broken Jade . Four Directions Battle 5.36
05The Elder Of The Void . Awakening 2.47



BEST OF 2019

From Somewhere Invisible
Mondkopf, GW Sok, Jessica Moss
& Radwan Ghazi Moumneh
LPSRV490/marbled vinyl + posterLAST COPIES
This fourth studio album and sevent release on SR
embraces the new. Leaving aside for a while the
logbooks of long journeys and the field recordings
of the previous albums, the music of Oiseaux-Tempête
unfolds as a twilight and prophetic orchestra around
GW Sok's punctuated voice.
Edited and mixed between Montreal and Paris, 'From
Somewhere Invisible' summons the fever of experimentation
and the powerful sound of the game
coming together in the service of a luxuriant and psychedelic
drift. From one sea to another, the gathering sound, the
gathering glow, comes together. Desire, the great fire,
at the four xorners dancing like fireflies, ready to open
the map of the world.


Milan Knizak
String Quartets
LP SRV479 black vinyl + color insert
Violin was Milan Knizak's first instrument. He has
composed hundred of works of this ilk. The first
one DHK, 45 years ago.
Next to his destroyed works, Milan took notations
of different composers, cut them and put them
together (with his own score) into a collage,
expressing his feelings and his apprehension
of music.


Christian Wolff
Preludes, Variations, Studies and Incidental Music
2CDSR480/Digipack + 16 page Booklet
These two discs reveal Wolff as a composer fully
exploring, in different ways, the continuum between
music which is highly fragmented, embracing extended silences [composed or indeterminate], to that which is
more progressive and seemingly driven, albeit taking
in disarming and unconventional routes.
As a body of repertoire, these works are remarkable for
their freshness of musical thought and energy (John Cage considered Wolff to be the most 'musical' of the
experimental composers).


Anthony Burgess
Conversations with the Anthony Burgess
cassette archives (1964-1993)
2CDSR485digipack + 16 p booklet
2LPSRV485 black vinyl + insert
Double LP/CD curated by Alan Dunn in collaboration
with the International Anthony Burgess Foundation
and Sub Rosa.
Anthony Burgess's second wife Liana carried
a cassette recorder with her at all times to capture
her life with the author and their son Andrew.
This extraordinarily intimate audio archive of
over 1,000 cassettes now sits with the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and artist Alan Dunn
has been granted access to select excerpts from it
and curate sonic conversations from others.
Disc 1 contains the very first and last known
recordings of Burgess's voice alongside domestic
incidents, rehearsals and answering machine messages, while Disc 2 invites 23 artists and musicians to remix
the rare material into a unique Burgess portrait far
beyond 'A Clockwork Orange'.


The Noise Of Art
Blixa Bargeld, Luciano Chessa, Fred Möpert,
Opening Performance Orchestra
Works for Intonarumori (premiere recordings)
CDSR477digipack +16 page bookletSOLD OUT
2LPSRV477limited edition deluxe gatefold + emboss + 4 page booklet
This album contains seven compositions,
created by the Opening Performance Orchestra,
Blixa Bargeld, Luciano Chessa and Fred Möpert.
All the pieces relate to the theme of Futurism and
employ intonarumori, instruments invented and
used more than a century ago by the Italian
Futurists in their noise compositions.
"In antiquity, life was nothing but silence." 
"Today noise reigns supreme over human sensibility."   
The Art of Noises, pertained to the entire 20th century.
Published in 1913, in response to Francesco Balilla
Pratella'sManifesto of Futurist Musicians,Russolo's
textencompassed the fundamental ideas for the new
music of the modern age.Radical ideas required
original compositional approaches, as well as new
types of instruments - hence the Futurists opted
for the intonarumori. The two quotations prompted
us to give thought to creating compositions in which
we would return to the early 20th century, when
noises as means of musical expression emerged for
the very first time. The typical instruments used by
our ensemble, the Opening Performance Orchestra,
are laptops, by means of which we conceive our
fraction music, which can be briefly characterised
by the sloganno melody no rhythm no harmony.
Constructing three intonarumori, writing our own
pieces for these instruments and performing works
by other contemporary composers - Blixa Bargeld,
Luciano Chessa and Fred Möpert, represented for
us getting into close contact with the beginnings
of the musical avant-garde, as well as returning
to the historical roots of the music that had served
as the basis of noise in art.


An Anthology Of Greek Experimental Electronic Music1966-2016
This anthology aspires to map the heterogenous
landscape of Greek Experimental Electronic Music
in all its contextual, sociopolitical, geographical
and aesthetic disparity. With a single exception,
it zeroes in on post-80s music. It comprises works
of very different kinds by composers of all sorts
of backgrounds that, still, can be thought of, as
both 'Greeks' and 'Experimentalists'.
Experimental Electronic Music is generally expected to be
highly variegated, especially when examined in a breadth
of several decades, and with respect to all sorts of artistic,
academic, subcultural and other influences. What is not so
obvious, however, is that the very notion of Greekness, as
well as its contextual and historical offshoots, are highly
diversified, too. This anthology is an attempt to map the
various kinds of Experimental musics that have been
produced by Greeks over the last few decades. More, it is
also an attempt to delineate different understandings of
what 'Greek' or 'Experimental' may stand for, by means
of zeroing in on the numerous, often overlapping, realities
and micro-scenes that are associated with the former.


Institute Of Sonology
CDSR164 digipack
2LPSRV164 black vinyl + insert
Early electronic music from 1959 to 1969 produced
by the Institute of Sonology / Instituut voor
sonologie, in Utrecht, Holland.
These electronic works were composed by Dick
Raaymakers, Frits Weiland, Ton Bruynel, Konrad
Boehmer, Gottfried Michael Koenig and Rainer Riehn.
Raw material - we need to reflect on this period -
a real revolution: music produced by machines
designed to construct a new era.


Maurice Louca
On Elephantine, his new album released exclusively on
Sub Rosa as vinyl LP, Cairo-based Maurice Louca guides
a 12-piece ensemble through a 38-minute masterwork
that might best be described as panoramic. Elements of
free improvisation, Sun Ra's cosmic jazz, gorgeous Arabic
melody, trancelike African and Yemeni music and
minimalism meet in his wholly unique compositional
vision. Louca also makes vital contributions on guitar
and piano, and inspires stirring performances from
a global lineup.
RIYL: Sun City Girls, 70s Miles Davis, Don Cherry,
Alice Coltrane, Tortoise



17 rue Wéry
1050 Brussels

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