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FWD - Newsletter 01/24 [Ute Wassermann]


Newsletter 01/24

Liebe Freund*innen und Kolleg*innen,

ich freue mich, Euch über meine Konzertreihe sounding ways of being zu informieren, in der ich mit Merche Blasco, Nicolas Collins, Marina Cyrino, Korhan Erel, Eliad Wagner, Birgit Ulher auftreten werde.

Herzliche Grüße,

Dear friends and colleagues,
I am pleased to inform you about my concert series sounding ways of being, in which I will be performing with Merche Blasco, Nicolas Collins, Marina Cyrino, Korhan Erel, Eliad Wagner, Birgit Ulher.

Best wishes,

art work: Liz Kosack

28.02.24  Morphine Raum, Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin

sounding ways of being
only with you + Ute Wassermann

Korhan Erel, Eliad Wagner: synthesizers
Ute Wassermann: voice & objects

My concert series sounding ways of being is about sound affinities, entanglements and interactions of voice, electronics, instruments, objects, natural materials and elements - it is about the close interweaving of humans with an intelligent environment that encompasses the intelligence of animals, plants and machines. The binary of humans and animals, nature and technology is thus called into question in favour of a more complex reality.

only with you + Ute Wassermann merge voice and synthesizers into acoustic cyborgs and chimeras.

save the dates:
 urutau - planktonia - araña
Marina Cyrino: urutau, frankenstein-flutes, found objects
Merche Blasco: araña, found objects, elektronics
Ute Wassermann: voice, bird whistles, planktonia 
18.05.24  !trumpet + trumpet! + radio tweets
Nicolas Collins: !trumpet
Birgit Ulher: trumpet!
Ute Wassermann: voice + megaphone

funded by initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

And here is the trailer of my piece camouflage for 2 vocalists, brass megaphones, loud speakers and field recordings, composed for vocal ensemble maulwerker / Christian Kesten and Ariane Jeßulat - with field recordings by Felix Blume.

The two performers act like vocal organisms with their voices, body-expanding megaphones, speakers and field recordings:
in three scenes, the boundary between self and environment shifts again and again, so that this in itself becomes an illusion. This results in sonic transformations, mixtures and transmutations between humans and objects, nature and technology.

Camouflage has been part of LAUTSPRECHER - MAULWERKER PERFORMING MUSIC at Ballhaus Ost, Sept. 29 2023. Funded by initiative neue musik berlin e.V.


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