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Spectra Ex Machina/A Sound Anthology
of Occult Phenomena
1920-2017  Vol.1 

black vinyl + 20 page booklet

The Anthology Spectra Ex Machina brings together
rare documents pertaining to so-called occult
phenomena, most of them taken from little-known
archives. In the course of three volumes, this series
traces an audio history of parapsychology through
the exploration of spiritualism and haunted houses
(vol. 1); musician mediums (vol. 2); experiences
of extrasensory perceptions (clairvoyance,
psychokinesis, etc.) and electronic voice
phenomena (vol. 3).

The documents gathered here are, by their extravagance
and far-fetched aspects, more than the mere objects of
belief one would be tempted to reduce them to. They are
vestiges of aberrant phenomena, fossils of an unknown
civilization buried in the depths of the unconscious that
are revived, in a way, when we listen to them. They can
be understood as "works," in the full artistic sense of the
word, and constitute a kind of "cabinet of sound curiosities"
that is worthy of aesthetic interest. Sometimes imbued
with a disconcerting dramatic intensity, these documents
bear the features of an authentic time machine, placing
the listener in the position of a witness of the time
immersed in the dim darkness of the experimental hall.
And it is at that precise moment that the aesthetic power
of these archives takes precedence over their probative
value. Their somewhat old-fashioned charm, maintained
by the surface noise of magnetic tapes and old wax disks,
gets stronger with each listen.

'Have a gramophone in every grave...'
James Joyce, Ulysses (1922)

Track Listing LP

side 1
Spiritual Séances and Medium Trances
01 Arthur Conan Doyle on Spiritualism [London, England, May 14, 1930]
02 Gladys Osborne Leonard and the spirit of "Feda," in the presence of
    Reverend W.S. Irving and T. Besterman [London, England, November 17, 1932]
03 Rudi Schneider's Trance [London, England, 1933]
04 Harry Houdini's "final séance" [Hollywood, USA, October 31, 1936]
05 Ivy Carter Beaumont aka "Rosemary": "The Speech of Ancient Egypt,
      Eighteenth Dynasty" [England, July 14, 1938]
06 Einer Nielsen and the "spectral voices" of "Astrid" and "Bischof Liljeblad"   
    [Copenhagen, Denmark, c. 1950] 1'16
07 Leslie Flint and the "voice" of Oscar Wilde of Reverend W.S. Irving
     and T. Besterman [London, England, August 20, 1962]
08 A spiritism séance broadcast on the radio [Paris. France. 1976]

side 2
Haunting Spirits and Haunted Places
09 The Rosenheim case [Germany, December 1967]
10 The Th. case of Reverend W.S. Irving and T. Besterman
     [Switzerland, April 16, 1967]
11 The S. case [Germany, 1968]
12 The P. case [Germany, December 1971]
13 Knocking phenomena [Germany, 1974]
14 Émile Tizané about "little hauntings" [Paris, France, 1976]
15 Voice produced by Janet Hodgson during a trance
    [Enfield, England, January-February 1978]
16 Dominique and the "talking wall" [La Machine, France, 1973]
17 Anneliese Michel's Exorcism Ritual by Father Arnold Renz
    [Klingenberg, Germany, 1976]
18 Denys Renaudin's investigation of a haunting case [Paris, France, 1979]
19 Jack Sutton and the "haunted airfield" [Norfolk, England, c. 1980]
20 "Paranormal" explosion [London, England, 1995]




Talking about the Weather
LP / BOOK SRV476 limited edition LP + 50 page BOOK
Talking about the Weather
Teacher and student. Past and present. 2 drummers. 2 men.
2 fathers. Friends. A conversation. A dialogue of the drums.
Following up on a drum/percussion duo Eric Thielemans and
Billy Hart did in the Summer of 2016 at the Jazz Middelheim festival, these two drummers decided to dedicate time to continue and
deepen their versatile dialogues on and around the drums.
Time to talk drum shop & Drum the Talk!
Publication Info
The publication comes packaged as a single LP sleeve with 7.5 mm spine
and a 50 pages book inside.
LP (180 gr) + Book (aprox. 50 pages, binded with pictures by Monica Jane Frisell
and transcriptions of the talks). Weight: approx 500 gr.


Preludes, Variations, Studies and Incidental Music
performed by Philip Thomas
2CD SR480
Digipack + 16 page Booklet
These two discs reveal Wolff as a composer fully
exploring, in different ways, the continuum between
music which is highly fragmented, embracing extended silences [composed or indeterminate], to that which is
more progressive and seemingly driven, albeit taking
in disarming and unconventional routes.
As a body of repertoire, these works are remarkable for
their freshness of musical thought and energy (John Cage considered Wolff to be the most 'musical' of the
experimental composers).


City of Light
- 500 copies limited 'indian green' color vinyl
City Of Light was recorded in Banaras, India,
and mixedin Greenpoint, NY. It is about Banaras,
a city older than history, tradition, and legends.
It is Shiva's land, founded at the dawn of creation.
It is India's oldest and most fabled city. The Hindus
call it Kashi, the luminous... The City of Light.
Music composed by
Bill Laswell + Coil, Trilok Gurtu, Tetsu Inoue,
and features texts and vocals from Lori Carson
and an historical introduction by Hakim Bay.


Yannick Franck presents
Mt GEMINI Just Like A River
LP SRV481 Marbled vinyl
Yannick Franck (Orphan Swords, RAUM) presents
his new project: Mt Gemini.
A deconstruction of Ska, Rocksteady and Skinhead
Reggae from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Rather a passionate deconstruction of a genre than
compositions or remixes per se, this incantatory
tribute favors abstraction using loops, distortion,
compression, variations of speed and height, and
effects (delay, reverb, chorus). Recorded in
different states of altered consciousness,
MT Gemini is built of spontaneous and unexpected
combinations. It is an attempt to generate inner
spaces where the borders between reverie and
reality blur. An hallucinatory shock, a journey
made of distant echoes, an atmosphere imbued
with joy and nostalgia.
'Remarkable' (The Wire).


This anthology aspires to map the heterogenous
landscape of Greek Experimental Electronic Music
in all its contextual, sociopolitical, geographical
and aesthetic disparity. With a single exception,
it zeroes in on post-80s music. It comprises works
of very different kinds by composers of all sorts
of backgrounds that, still, can be thought of, as
both 'Greeks' and 'Experimentalists'.

Experimental Electronic Music is generally expected to be
highly variegated, especially when examined in a breadth
of several decades, and with respect to all sorts of artistic,
academic, subcultural and other influences. What is not so
obvious, however, is that the very notion of Greekness, as
well as its contextual and historical offshoots, are highly
diversified, too. This anthology is an attempt to map the
various kinds of Experimental musics that have been
produced by Greeks over the last few decades. More, it is
also an attempt to delineate different understandings of
what 'Greek' or 'Experimental' may stand for, by means
of zeroing in on the numerous, often overlapping, realities
and micro-scenes that are associated with the former.



The Noise Of Art
Blixa Bargeld, Luciano Chessa, Fred Möpert,
Opening Performance Orchestra
Works for Intonarumori (premiere recordings)
CD  SR477  digipack +16 page booklet SOLD OUT
2LP SRV477  limited edition deluxe gatefold + emboss + 4 page booklet
This album contains seven compositions,
created by the Opening Performance Orchestra,
Blixa Bargeld, Luciano Chessa and Fred Möpert.
All the pieces relate to the theme of Futurism and
employ intonarumori, instruments invented and
used more than a century ago by the Italian
Futurists in their noise compositions.
"In antiquity, life was nothing but silence." 
"Today noise reigns supreme over human sensibility."   
The Art of Noises, pertained to the entire 20th century.
Published in 1913, in response to Francesco Balilla
Pratella's Manifesto of Futurist Musicians, Russolo's
text encompassed the fundamental ideas for the new
music of the modern age. Radical ideas required
original compositional approaches, as well as new
types of instruments - hence the Futurists opted
for the intonarumori. The two quotations prompted
us to give thought to creating compositions in which
we would return to the early 20th century, when
noises as means of musical expression emerged for
the very first time. The typical instruments used by
our ensemble, the Opening Performance Orchestra,
are laptops, by means of which we conceive our
fraction music, which can be briefly characterised
by the slogan no melody no rhythm no harmony.
Constructing three intonarumori, writing our own
pieces for these instruments and performing works
by other contemporary composers - Blixa Bargeld,
Luciano Chessa and Fred Möpert, represented for
us getting into close contact with the beginnings
of the musical avant-garde, as well as returning
to the historical roots of the music that had served
as the basis of noise in art.

track listing 2LP / CD
side 1
01 Opening Performance Orchestra + Blixa Bargeld: The Noise of Art (2017)  11'30
02 Opening Performance Orchestra: Trio n°3 (2017)  5'30
side 2
03 Luciano Chessa: Prilis hluena samota (2017) 8'10
04 Opening Performance Orchestra: Trio n°2 (2017)  12'00
side 3
05 Fred Möpert: Neue Horizonte (2017) 6'30
06 Blixa Bargeld: The Mantovani Machine, pt3 (2013)  14'30
side 4
07 Opening Performance Orchestra: Futurist Soirée (2016) 20'00



introduction by DAVID TOOP
LP SR411 black vinyl
Among many of his amazing records I came across
Jean C. Roché's Birds of Venezuela, beautifully
produced LPs of birdsong. I began to plan a trip to Amazonas,
to record the unearthly song of potoos and Yanomami shamanism. (David Toop)
Originally released in 1973

METAPHORS / Selected Soundworks from the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul
The Miracles of One Thing
CD / 2LP black vinyl + insert SR448
Apichatpong Weerasethakul is recognised
as one of the most original voices in contemporary
cinema today. His seven feature films, short films
and installations have won him widespread
international recognition and numerous awards,
includingthe Cannes Palme d'Or in 2010 with
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.
Compilation album 'Metaphors' contains
14 soundworks carefully selected from his
past cinema and other visual works since 2003, which includes Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Syndromes and a Century, Fever Room and more.



LP SRV474  last copies orange vinyl + insert
On Elephantine, his new album released exclusively on
Sub Rosa as vinyl LP, Cairo-based Maurice Louca guides
a 12-piece ensemble through a 38-minute masterwork
that might best be described as panoramic. Elements of
free improvisation, Sun Ra's cosmic jazz, gorgeous Arabic
melody, trancelike African and Yemeni music and
minimalism meet in his wholly unique compositional
vision. Louca also makes vital contributions on guitar
and piano, and inspires stirring performances from
a global lineup.
RIYL: Sun City Girls, 70s Miles Davis, Don Cherry,
Alice Coltrane, Tortoise
Suttle Sculpture
LP SUBLOGOS03  Black vinyl
Never released before recordings from Logos
Foundation live sessions in Brussels, on May 7, 1977.
Studying esoteric organology, bioacoustics,
environmental sound, raw musics and anthropology,
Toop and Burwell were both fascinated by
phenomena like diffraction, propulsion, resonance,
projection, masking and heterodyning, and by
shamanism, the symbolically grounded agency of
shamanic drums, animal-becoming and noisy
costume, the shaman's capacity to enliven quotidian
space with the commotion of discarnate audible
entities from the spirit world. This recording is one
of the very few that conveys anything of what they
were about. 
Indonesian Electronic Music 1979-1992
LP SRV452 black vinyl
2CD SR452 black vinyl LAST COPIES
Fascinating and unreleased before music by
Otto Sidharta, pionneer of Indonesian electronic music.
Electronic compositions that integrated natural
sounds and urban sounds to this extent were
extremely rare at the time, which gives them
a unique form of intensity.
Released in our Early Electronic series
Chamber Electronic Music
CD SR466
trans, hybrid, crossbred, mongrel, whoreson, mixed,
unclean, intricated, blended, interracial, bastard,
harmonized, bouillabaisse, pandemonium, disorder,
bewilderment, muddled, disarrayed, tangled, distraction,
shambled, discorded, abashed, fuzzy, foggy, plaything,
rejoicing, orgasmic, thoughlessness, salad, undisciplined,
inordinate, coded, slanged, talk, privacy, nearness,
disobedient, unruly, confidante, imperfect, tainted, red.
a subtle mix of electronic composition
and contemporary touches.
Rich textural pieces constructed from an unnotatable,
intricate interplay of percussive squeals, scrapes and
rattles, parched and pitchless woodwinds, and
dislocated keyboards On the evidence here,
Acezantez founded by the versatile Croatian composer
and instrumentalist Dubravko Detoni merit wider
recognition. Contemporary Croatian Masterpiece !
Originally released in 1977.
Se (in) de bos
CD SR444
LP SRV444 black vinyl + printed innersleeve
'Se (in) de bos' -  a slow paced 60 minute piece
performed by the 18 musicians 'vvolk' orchestra
composed by Stijn Cools.
'While getting deeper in the sound of vvolk, the
perception of time fades. It is astonishing how
improvised music can create such a timeless,
and calming experience for the listener.
Reference names:
Ryuichi Sakamoto ambient works, Biosphere
Next One's Called
LP SRV458 Dark Green vinyl
This could be seen as the missing link
between Slaughter in Tiny Place and Europa -
third and final LP report.
All tracks are unreleased.
Recorded and mixed between 1980 and 1981.
Bass Terror
LP SRV459 Red vinyl
This recording is the dark side of Bill Laswell at the peak
of his art in 1995. He goes into a black trance. The piece
is not from a collaboration, it was designed alone, in his
studio in Brooklyn. Bass Terror Tetragrammaton is 
also to be linked to an alchemical process.
Nocturnal Crawl is a totally hypnotic piece, the first that
Nik Bullen designed outside of Napalm Death and Scorn.
The two pieces answer each other strangely, like two
sides of the same hidden anxiety.
The concept of this series was the confrontation of
electric guitars as the tutelary instrument, but here
and this time only, it came out of bassists confronting
each other. Never released before as LP vinyl.
Available here as a 400 copies limited red vinyl.
Ceux du Dehors
LP SRV403 Clear/red vinyl + insert
Third album (1981) by the Belgian band Univers Zero.
The title alludes to the short story of the same name
by H. P. Lovecraft; the players read the story in studio,
then proceeded to record the piece. A key release
for the band.
Ceux du Dehors sometimes suggests a darker and more complex version of the motorik minimalism of classical music contemporaries Philip Glass and Steve Reich.
CD  SR455  /  8 page digipack
2LP SRV455 / 4 page insert / download  LAST COPIES
limited edition red/white vinyl + download voucher
TARAB (in literary arabic - euphoria, secular exaltation, ecstasy), their sixth release on Sub Rosa, is the result
of live recordings captured during the AL-'AN! tour .
It is in symbiosis, in the fever and visceral experimentation of the
concert, that the musicians of OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE seek rapture.
Arranged in a semicircle, they invoke the elements and attempt the
catharsis, inviting the spectator to spiral with them, entwined in the
sonic explosions, finding beauty and peace in the spaces of improvisation
and elaboration. Marrying free-rock, organic electronics, traditional
instruments and unbridled electricity, TARAB, far beyond the vibrant
testimony, is a generous invitation to experience, to meditate and
to share.
CD SR453
Phil Maggi is a composer, a vocalist and a film maker
from Belgium. Known as the lead singer of heavy-rock combo Ultraphallus, Phil Maggi develops an extensive
body of work as a solo musician for several years.
This new album Animalwrath is a combination of
his different forms of music, from ambient-drone, electro-acoustic, sampling and field recordings to free-jazz.
Phil Maggi has invited a few generous collaborators
(Oren Bloedow, Maja Jantar, Radwan Ghazi Moumneh,
Tom Malmendier, Gabriel Séverin and Ludovic Medery)
on these eight tracks inspired by Henry Corbin's
writings, Nico, Scott Walker and Traditional music.
Visceral Underskinnings
LP  SRV449  Yellow vinyl
35 years after the release of their critically acclaimed
album Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth
the British dadaist group Hastings of Malawi have released
a new album - an epic sound poem entitled Visceral
Underskinnings. It is a 40 minute film without light that
reflects on the human condition, on modern society, on the
nature of telephony and electricity and an attempt to make
sense of the world in which we live that provides no answers.
It is a sound collage of diverse elements including the voices
of George Washington Johnson ('the whistling coon' 1846-1914)
and Dr Hastings Banda - the first president of Malawi.
It includes randomly generated computer music, voice
synthesis, recordings of cold war number stations, American
military sound weaponry and recordings of the some of the
many sound sculptures produced by Hastings of Malawi over
the last 30 years.
Hastings of Malawi produce sounds that sit in that grey area
where sound art and music meet but they reject both labels
and cannot be comfortably placed in either camp. This is not
an easy album to listen to but persevere and you may or
may not be able to decipher its meaning.
Sanaani, Laheji, Adeni and Samar
Recorded by Ragnar Johnson and Jessica Mayer
2CD SR448  digipack + 12 page booklet
2LP SRV448 + color insert
These songs originate from the city of Sanaa,
the sheikdom of Lahej and the port of Aden.
Samar is the delicious, luxury time when people
gather for relaxation, refreshment and music.
This record contains oudh playing, percussion
and singing from Yemen. The three Kawkabani
brothers sing traditional poems and play oudh (lute),
double drums, tambourine and, occasionally,
the kanoun (zither). They were recorded in Sanaa
in 1973. The oudh player Hassan al Zabeede and
his double drum playing brother sing songs in
the Lahej style and were recorded in Taez in 1973.



17 rue Wéry
1050 Brussels

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