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Introducing the LANGE//BERWECK//LORENZ Synthesizer Trio




We are Lange//Berweck//Lorenz,

a synthesizer trio from Berlin.

We are treading in the footsteps of the electroacoustic ensembles of the 1970s and 1980s like tm+, the productions of Pierre Henry or L’Ensemble Électroacoustique de l’Ensemble Itineraire. We started in 2014 when we staged for the first time in over 30 years Bernard Parmegiani’s epic “Stries” for three synthesizers and tape at L’attacca festival Stuttgart. Since then we have played at Philharmonie Luxembourg, Musiques & Recherches Bruxelles, Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt, Multiphonies GRM Paris, ZKM Karlsruhe, Collegium Novum Zürich, Eclat Festival Stuttgart, Ultraschall Festival Berlin and many others.

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1 Who we are

Lange//Berweck//Lorenz are a synthesizer trio from Berlin. We’re resurrecting older repertoire from the archives and we’re working with the composers of today such as Karen Power, Bernhard Lang, Kirsten Reese and Malte Giesen. We’re currently working with Christina Kubisch, Thomas Kessler, Daniela Fantechi, Midori Hirano and others. Our research has been funded by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, Deutscher Musikrat, Deutscher Kulturrat and the Senate of Berlin.

Please find below the links to our webpage, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our email:

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2 We have a new video!

The audio in the video is a live performance of Kirsten Reese’s composition “Porpoise” (2019) to which we later added live performed video. We’ve been using a modular rig of analog and digital video tools to perform the video in real-time, just as we used synthesizers and a modular rig of analog and digital audio tools to perform the composition on stage. Enjoy!

Lange//Berweck//Lorenz- Porpoise (2019) by Kirsten Reese

3 And we’re on the radio, too

On 19 January 2021 at 00:05 there will be a radio feature dedicated to our work at Deutschlandfunk Kultur. The hour-long portrait by Leonie Reineke of Lange//Berweck//Lorenz is called “Boten des Retrofuturismus” (“Couriers of Retrofuturism”) and features music and interviews with the trio. 

You can listen to the stream here:



Or click on the following link to listen to the show after the fact:


Thank you very much for your attention!

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This is the newsletter of Berlin based synthesizer trio Lange//Berweck//Lorenz

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