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DEN HAAG - Contemporary Music Heritage Symposium on 13 and 14 December 2022

 Dear members of Sonology's concert mailing list,

You are invited to the Contemporary Music Heritage Symposium on 13 and 14 December 2022, which is organised by the Konrad Boehmer Foundation, the Stichting Nederlands Muziek Instituut and the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire. This symposium was postponed twice due to the pandemic, but now it's finally here.

We will start with the first concert on 13 December 19:30 in the Conservatoriumzaal. On the programme are:

Bruno Maderna: Musica su due dimensioni for flute and tape (1952/1958) with Jana Machalett, flute and Veniero Rizzardi, sound projection 
Iannis XenakisHibiki hana ma for 8-channel tape (1969) with Kees Tazelaar, re-spatialization and sound projection
Ton de LeeuwAntiphonie for wind quintet and tape (1960) with Sarah Ouakrat, flute, Juan Esteban Mendoza, oboe, James Meldrum, clarinet, Amber Mallee, bassoon, Jan Harshagen, horn and Hilde Wollenstein, sound projection
Beatriz FerreyraMédisances for 4-channel tape (1968–9) with Siamak Anvari, sound projection
Luciano BerioAltra voce (1999) with Jana Machalett, alto-flute, Petra Ehrismann, mezzo-soprano, and Marco Accardi and Riccardo Ancona, live electronics
Dick RaaijmakersMao leve! for tape and slides (1977) with Johan van Kreij and Kees Tazelaar, digital reconstruction and sound projection

On 14 December from 10:00 until 17:30 there are three sessions with representatives of European archival institutions in the New Music Lab (Amare, sixth floor). Speakers will be Frits Zwart (Konrad Boehmer Foundation and Stichting Nederlands Muziek Instituut), Therese Muxeneder (Arnold Schönberg Center, Vienna), Chris Walton (Hochschule der Künste, Bern), Pierluigi Ledda (Archivio Storico Ricordi, Milan), Philomeen Lelieveldt (Haags Gemeente Archief / Nederlands Muziek Instituut), Veniero Rizzardi (Università Ca’ Foscari and Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono, Venice), Angela Ida De Benedictis (Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basel and Centro Studi Luciano Berio, Florence), Makis Solomos and Mâhki Xenakis (Xenakis Archives, Paris), Daniel Teruggi (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, Paris), Folkmar Hein (International Documentation of Electroacoustic Music EMDoku, Berlin) and Kees Tazelaar (Institute of Sonology and Konrad Boehmer Foundation).

The symposium will end with a second concert on 14 December 19:30 in the Conservatoriumzaal. On the programme are:

György LigetiPièce électronique no.3 for 4-channel tape (1957), Paul Berg, Johan van Kreij and Kees Tazelaar, digital reconstruction (1996)
Konrad BoehmerPotential for piano (1961, new version no.1 by Nora Mulder, 2022) with Nora Mulder, piano
Jan BoermanKompositie 1972 for 8-channel tape (1972) with Kees Tazelaar, multichannel version and sound projection
Konrad BoehmerPotential for piano (1961, new version no.2 by Nora Mulder, 2022) with Nora Mulder, piano
Henk BadingsCapriccio for violin and tape (1959) withLeslee Smucker, violin and Siamak Anvari, sound projection
Gottfried Michael KoenigKlangfiguren II for 4-channel tape  (1955–6) with Kees Tazelaar, reconstruction and sound projection
Tera de Marez OyensCharon’s Gift for piano and tape (1982) with Akane Takada, piano and Yota Morimoto, sound projection 
Luigi NonoLa fabbrica illuminata for soprano and 4-channel tape (1964), acousmatic version with projection of archival materials, Veniero Rizzardi, sound projection

Admission and drinks are free. Be on time because the doors will remain closed once the concerts have started.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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