Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2023

FWD - Claudia Robles Events in Germany (world premiere)


Dear friends and colleagues,

I am glad to announce the 2x following events in Germany, one of which is the commission of a new acousmatic composition by NOW! Festival to be world-premiered on October 30th and spatialised with the legendary Acousmonium of the GRM in the city of Essen.  See below for complete information.

Claudia Robles-Angel

- REFLEXION - In Sync/out of Sync - 

a sound and light installation that invites 2x visitors (e.g. couples) to experience empathy to each other by synchronising their heartbeats.

The installation will be exhibited at the performative exhibition ''Gewalt & Mitgefühl 4'' @LTS4 in LICHTTURM SOLINGEN

If you happen to be in or around Solingen, I'll be happy to meet you there!  

Thursday 5 October 
5 - 9  pm

Lützowstraße 340
42653 Solingen


And for those in or around Essen, my new acousmatic composition commissioned by NOW! Festival will be performed and spatialised with the unique and legendary GRM (Music Research Group) ''ACOUSMONIUM'' at the Philharmonie Essen. 
Concert: Monday October 30, 7 pm 
Alfried Krupp Saal · Philharmonie Essen

Opernplatz 10 | 45128 essen

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