Sonntag, 24. Februar 2019

Oswald in re:Turn: [4] for fan-a-tickle fans


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And first, a finale:

And finally, for now, [we’ve] just posted an unlisted (anywhere but here) link of a 4-minute live performance by b-boy Stewie Iguidez (and friends) to Oswald’s Curtis Lee plunderphonic track Angle:


. . . 

 here’s a podcast recorded last week that has just gone online:
- Friendly Rich Marsella’s highly engaged conversation with John Oswald, including some rare recordings.

Another podcast is from musician Josh Rutner’s fascinating series Album of the Week;
this episode concentrates eloquently on the epic Plunderphonics creation Plexure:

Given the infrequency of our communications in the past, we expect that any further announcements from FONY will be impressively occasional,. . . [de-lete-ed, and de-lite-edd].

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Yours truly,
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