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ISA2018 | Video review & Yearbook | Save the date for the ISA2019

ISA2018 Review
Save the date ISA2019 
Dear  Colleagues,

thanks for a great time at the International Sound Awards 2018. For those of you who couldn’t attend we prepared a short video review of the Award Show. Furthermore, you can have a closer look into the fascinating sound projects from all nominees and winners through our ISA2018 Yearbook.
Become an Official ISA2019 Supporter
Make The World Sound Better. If you share our motto and want to support the initiative, then you should become an official supporter of the International Sound Awards 2019.
We will integrate your company logo on our website and in our yearbook amongst others. Have a look at the packages we prepared for all interested parties or get in touch personally. #MakeTheWorldSoundBetter

Save the date
The ISA2019 will once again take place in cooperation with the Reeperbahn Festival.
Save the date for the ISA2019: September 18-19, 2019.

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