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FWD - Metacreation Lab | Spring 2021 Newsletter


AI Song Contest 2021

The Metacreation Lab is one of 38 teams from across the world participating in the AI Song Contest 2021, collaborating with AI in an effort to create the ultimate song.

Listen to our entry “A Song About the Weekend” at the link below, and make sure to vote and leave feedback on the unique creations in the competition! 

A Song About the Weekend | AI Song Contest 2021
AI Song Contest: All Participants
June 10-20, 2021 | Hong Kong +Online

The second edition of Art Machines: Symposium on Machine Learning and Art launches tomorrow, hosted by City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media. The keynotes and plenary sessions of the Art Machines 2 Conference will be freely available, so we recommend exploring the schedule below and bookmarking the Zoom links available there!

ART MACHINES 2 | Conference Schedule & Zoom Links

On Sunday, June 13 at 21:45 Hong Kong Standard Time (UTC +8) as part of the Sound Art Paper Session chaired by Ryo Ikeshiro, the Metacreation Lab’s Mahsoo Salimi and Philippe Pasquier will present their paper, Exploiting Swarm Aesthetics in Sound Art. We’ve included a more detailed preview of the paper in this newsletter below. 

Concurrent with ART MACHINES 2 is the launch of two exhibitions - Constructing Contexts and System Dreams. Constructing Contexts, curated by Tobias Klein and Rodrigo Guzman-Serrano, will bring together 27 works with unique approaches to the question of contexts as applied by generative adversarial networks. System Dreams highlights work from the latest MFA talent from the School of Creative Media. While the exhibitions take place in Hong Kong, the participating artists and artwork are well documented online. 

Liminal Tones: Swarm Aesthetics in Sound Art

Applications of swarm aesthetics in music composition are not new and have already resulted in volumes of complex soundscapes and musical compositions. Using an experimental approach, Mahsoo Salimi and Philippe Pasquier create a series of sound textures know as Liminal Tones (B/ Rain Dream) based on swarming behaviours

Findings of the Liminal Tones project will be presented in papers for the Art Machines 2: International Symposium on Machine Learning (June 10-14) and the International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (July 17-21).

Learn more about the project, and explore these pre-publication papers on our page:
Metacreation Lab | Liminal Tones
Creative AI: on the partial or complete automation of creative tasks @ CAIDA

Philippe Pasquier will be giving a talk on creative applications of AI at CAIDA: the UBC ICICS Centre for Artificial Intelligence Decision-making and Action. Overviewing the state of the art of computer-assisted creativity and embedded systems and their various applications, the talk will survey the design, deployment, and evaluation of generative systems.

Free registration for the talk is available at the link below. 

Register for Creative AI @ CAIDA
December 2019 | Vancouver, BC 
As we look forward to the return of live performances again, we would like to share documentation from a performance of the REVIVE project by Kivanç Tatar & Philippe Pasquier from 2019 at Vancouver’s Performance Works Theatre, presented as part of the Boca del Lupo CODA series. 
REVIVE | Philippe Pasquier & Kivanç Tatar | 2019 
Spire Muse: A Virtual Musical Partner
NIME: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
June 14-18, 2021, NYU Shanghai, Shanghai.
Notto Thelle, author of the Lockdown Jammer system we introduced in our last newsletter, presents Spire Muse, a co-creative musical agent that engages in different kinds of interactive behaviours, as part of the NIME conference hosted by NYU Shanghai June 14-18, 2021. 
Read Spire Muse at NIME 2021
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