Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019

FETA Language FEST in Miami this week

You are invited to join us in Miami for the festival language, electronic music and arts this weekend.

FETA Language FEST
October 25 and 26, 2019
5-10PM each day
Public performances, installations and workshops
in a private residence
Get your ticket and location info on Eventbrite here
Free with student ID and senior status
$15 donation
In his seminal article Did Language Evolve from Manual Gestures, Michael Corballis hypothesizes that language as a system of sophisticated gesture communication (that potentially surpassed the current sign languages) existed well before any vocalizations emerged. Vocalized language according to Corballis evolved along the bipedalism, that freed hands to make food, tools, weapons and art. Expressions in human communication took a new turn. From the cave drawings to Gutenberg and the bit revolution, painted, written and recorded language stimulated the development of human culture and its tools with new vigor. Sapho and Hafiz, Apollinaire and Schwitter, Ginsberg and Cage, La Barbara and Pamela Z, poetry and story-telling have played prominent roles in sublime binding of language and sound. The Dadaists and Futurists returned the language to speckles of fire, the primordial source illuminating paths to language, its sound and visual presence. Experimental music theater and new discipline uncovered yet another layer of binding language to action through sound, in some way echoing Corballis’s daring proposition.
How do the living artists imagine and hear language? How do technologies enable such expressions? FETA Language FEST aims to explore what language can mean in music and you are invited to attend!
Poetry, fiction, documentary and any other manifestations of existing and potential languages as incorporated with technologies will be visited through workshops, installations and performances.
Participating artists include Jen Beattie (NC), Adam Marks (NYC), Paula Matthusen (CT), Alex Lough (CA), Hanah Davenport (CA), Kyle Motl (CA) and FL-based artists Jacob Sudol, Chen-Hui Jen, Jose Hernandez Sanchez, Alba Triana, Charles Mason, Dorothy Hindman, Catalina von Wrangell, Nicole Martinez, Jue Wang, Rachel Weiss, Jaswinder Bolina, FEME (Frost Electronic Music Ensemble, dir. Anruo Cheng), FIU Laptop and Electronic Arts Ensemble (FLEA, dir. Jacob Sudol) and students from Electronic and Contemporary Music (University of Miami’s Frost School of Music).
Curated by Juraj Kojš
With the support of the FETA Foundation, Harold Golen Gallery, Jose Hernandez Sanchez and Alba Triana and Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.

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