Montag, 27. April 2020

Marc Behrens News: Breaking The Elephant's Legs - et cetera

Marc Behrens News

New album – vinyl and digital!
Marc Behrens Breaking the Elephant’s LegsLP (E248) – Marc Behrens presents six extended surrealist songs ranging from psycho rock to dismantled R&B, crossing into doom jazz and spoken word. Animal field recordings; electronic boom and buzz; synths; detuned sitar; violins played by Portuguese master musician Carlos Zingaro. None of this is in any way what you would expect. Limited edition LP (200 copies) – Co-published by Entr’acteand Stellage– available now after some delays due to the current world situation. The album is also available in digital format from Availabel via Bandcampand selected digital distributors. 


My friend and colleague Atom™ has released his new album <3as a digital prerelease on Raster, CD and vinyl to follow. I had the pleasure to contribute some spectral editing for track 5, Simplicity. 




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