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FWD - GENESIS [Alexander Schubert]


Dear all,
I would like to share with you the documentation of the piece "GENESIS".

It's Virtual Real-Life Computer-Game that took place for seven days in May 2020.
Players were given the opportunity to control human avatars over one week in a physical space through an internet interface. Through this process a parallel world of its own developed in a virtual and yet very physical setting.

You can watch the 25 minute video documentation or a 3 minute trailer.

Genesis was an experiment, which lasted over seven days, in which the audience participated, according to their own ideas, in creating a space, a community, a world. Genesis is a social simulation that united in itself, ideology and criticism. Thereby virtual communication, the maximum open setting, its social components can transform into one another. The project started in an empty industrial hall. The empty space was continuously transformed with the help of a contingent of material. Through the participants’ selection of material the setting is continuously developed and redesigned over the time of seven days. The audience is invited to create the space according to their own imaginations.
Each participation leaves a trace - the sum of these changes and interactions will make up the entity of the work. The entirety is characterized by the personal experience of the individual as well as by the documentation of the entire process.

Here you find all credits for the project.

A presentation talk about the project can be found here.
A selection of photos of the project can be found here.
Luca Befera wrote an exhaustive bookabout the project, including an analysis, user questionaires and interviews.
All additional data, like example clips, survey results from the players can be found here.
Thank you for your interest,
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