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Benjamin Johnston (March 15, 1926 – July 21, 2019)

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From: Other Minds, SF, CA, USA

Composer and "microtonal-maverick" Ben Johnston passed away this past Sunday, July 21st. 

Ben Johnston was a part of the Other Minds family, participating in our 14th festival, and a person close to many new music fan's hearts. Throughout his long life and career, Johnston contributed to many genres of music but he is perhaps best known for his contributions to the catalogue of music written for string quartet.

On this sad occasion, we at Other Minds would like to share a link to the Other Minds 14 webpage which contains many photographs of Ben and the world premiere recording of The Tavern, a setting of Rumi's poetry for voice and just-intonation guitar. You can also find Allan Kozinn's beautifully written retrospective on the life and work of the composer here.

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