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ISA2019 Winners and Award Show

Winners and Award Show
Dear Colleagues,

In an award show full of dynamic and atmosphere, the winners of the ISA2019 were revealed at Schmidtchen on 19th, September, 2019. The winners come from Costa Rica, Germany, Finland, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the U.S.. Two outstanding works from Finland and Germany were honored with a „Grand Prix”.

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg, co-inventor of the mp3 format, spoke in his keynote „Music / Sound / Noises: Developments in Audio“ about the interaction of the latest technology and innovative audio applications, referring particularlyto examples from AI and Virtual Reality.

Due to illness, Tim Exile had to cancel his show. We were happy to find a top-class replacement for our show with Gad Hinkis from JAMBL. Gad performed impressively and showed how the multiplayer app can be used for collective music making.

You can find pictures of the award show here.

The Winners of the ISA2019

GRAND PRIX: Axel Springer Audio Branding
Category: Audio Branding
Entrant: why do birds GmbH, Germany

GRAND PRIX: Soundscape Design for Helsinki New Children’s Hospital
Category: Soundscapes and Ambient Sound
Entrant: Aalto University, Finland

Category: Social & Culture
Entrant: Healing Music, Israel

Category: Product
Entrant: Dear Reality GmbH, Germany

WINNER: ICT – The Sounds of Costa Rica
Category: Audio Branding
Entrant: Publimark Mullen Lowe, Costa Rica

WINNER: Inclusion Rocks! Music for all
Category: Social & Culture
Entrant: Handiclapped-Kultur Barrierefrei e.V., Germany

WINNER: Loopfree
Category: Social & Culture
Entrant: Loopfree, UK

WINNER: Sounds of Silence
Category: Soundscapes and Ambient Sound
Entrant: Idee und Klang GmbH, Switzerland

WINNER: Swedbank Soundscaping
Category: Universal Design
Entrant: Lexter Ljuddesign AB, Sweden

WINNER: Weav Music: Music Evolved
Category: Services and Sound-startups
Entant: Weav Music Inc., USA

We’re looking forward to seeing you next year at the ISA2020. Stay tuned for further information.

Yours sincerely
The ISA Team

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