Samstag, 13. Februar 2021

Two new releases are online on the Aldemedia channels / ONE TOUCH & SCARLATTI´s WINTER

 New audiovisual works have just been added ...

Release 01: ONE TOUCH !
One piano hammer felt.
One real movement with the lamp...
Note the atmospheric shadow plays. 
Recorded in one single video session...
Electronic flavored with real analog synthsis:

A work suitable for winter ...
A revision of a "Noise of ..." episode (live concepts).
A homage to Domenico Scarlatti …
Images of nature, nevertheless abstract...
Very slowly, deep, a little meditative.
8 minutes of audiovisual rest …
Watch it in HD full screen w. headphones:

Have fun with this little experiments… /:-)=
All the best, Alexander Derben
*If the social media platforms are not suitable, 
please look at the 720p video files in fine quality 
direct in your browser:

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