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Tone Deaf Festival, Kingston Ontario Nov 15-24

For those in the Montréal-Ottawa-Syracuse-Toronto zone, you might consider coming by Kingston Ontario for a Tone Deaf show or two in November. We’ve got an amazing lineup this year! Some of the artists coming:

Phill Niblock
Hieroglyphic Being
Korea Town Acid
Exquisite Ghost
Heidi Chan
Kyoko Ogoda
Eve Egoyan
Katherine Liberovskaya
Joseph Shabason
Bromp Treb
Jake Meginsky
Amir George
Jason Ogawa

Press release is attached with more info!


More information: / Matt Rogalsky 613-549-1887 / Graeme Langdon 514-619-9090

17th season is most ambitious and diverse program to date for Kingston’s Tone Deaf Festival of adventurous sound performance
Kingston's Tone Deaf Festival of adventurous sound performance returns for its 17th season this November with an ambitious and diverse program that is sure to please fans of unique and engaging music. From November 15 to November 24, Tone Deaf audiences will be treated to seven concerts, two film screenings, a number of artist talks, a performance art event, student exhibitions, and a kulintang percussion workshop.
[Canadian artists are identified by the letters CDN after their names]
As in the past, adventurous and experimental music and sound performance will be the focus of the festival, but this year we round the festival out with a variety of additional programming that will appeal to those looking to learn and grow with our performers. On Thursday, November 15, Tone Deaf will host an exciting evening of electronic bliss at the Next Church featuring Toronto ambient-jazz saxophonist and composer known for his work with Destroyer and The War on Drugs, Joseph Shabason CDN, launching his new album Anne.
ritualistic Montreal electronic duo, Tamyugé CDN, and local experimenter Lius Rhutilius CDN.
On Friday, Nov. 16 Tone Deaf returns to Next Church for an evening featuring New England electronic improviser, Bromp Treb, and a duo comprised of local percussionist Kyoko Ogoda CDN and multi-instrumentalist Heidi Chan CDN.
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Across the
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album’s lush fusion of jazz-laden ambience, recorded interviews, and electronic
manipulation, Shabason navigates a labyrinth of subtle and tragic emotions
arising from his mother’s struggle with Parkinson’s disease. Shabason will be
joined by
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Rounding out the evening is Toronto’s all-woman lo-fi R&B gong punk collective, Pantayo CDN. Pantayo
combines percussive metallophones and drums from the
kulintang traditions of Southern Philippines with synth-based electro grooves for
a sound that is truly original. If you are fascinated by this unique music and its
associated instruments, join us on Saturday, Nov. 17 at Queen’s’ Harrison-Le
Caine Hall for “KuliVersity”, a free kulintang workshop with Pantayo.
On the evening of Saturday, Nov. 17 join us at the venue of local artists’ collective 12CAT for a late-night dance experience with Toronto’s melted
experimental pop duo, Phèdre
accompanied by rapper Lil Gay. Joining
Phèdre is Exquisite Ghost
from Peguis First Nation in Winnipeg, Manitoba,
an electronic musician who mixes experimental impulses with grimey hip-hop;
and celebrated drummer and electronic musician, Jake Meginsky.
On Sunday, Nov. 18, Tone Deaf will be at Queen’s Human Media Lab for a
program featuring New Electronic Music From Queen’s University students and
faculty. Performers include Dimitri Georgaras, Jeremy Kerr, Diana Lawryshyn,
and Roel Vertegaal.
On Thursday, Nov. 22, you’ll find Tone Deaf at The Isabel Bader Centre for the
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Performing Arts as we co-host classical pianist Eve Egoyan
EarWitness is a deeply integrated virtuosic mix of sound, image, and unspoken narrative challenging traditional conceptions of piano and
On Saturday, Nov. 24, we return to local artists’ collective 12CAT for another evening of dance-oriented electronic music with singular Detroit artist, Hieroglyphic Being, Toronto jazz-house innovator, Korea Town Acid CDN, and local FRCLN CDN. Hieroglyphic Being’s music straddles EBM, house, Industrial, and avant-jazz influences. Korea Town Acid’s Jessica Cho uses an experimental and improvisatory approach to samplers and synths, mashing dubby house, free- jazz informed techno, and ambience. Mixing dreamy and ambient elements with southern rap inspired hip hop production, FRCLN’s releases range from dissonant and dreary to heavy and aggressive.
If these concerts aren’t enough, Tone Deaf will also be presenting a bevy of additional special programming for the whole family. On Saturday, Nov. 17, Tone Deaf is collaborating with The Dan School of Music and Drama and the Kingston Frontenac Public Library to present “KuliVersity”, a kulintang percussion workshop with the members of Pantayo. Shortly after that, Tone Deaf and the
page2image31600 page2image31760
EarWitness on traditional grand piano and disklavier, an acoustic piano with a
computer interface.
On Friday, Nov. 23, join us at The Agnes Etherington Art Centre for the
superlatively rare opportunity to experience an immersive sound performance by
legendary composer, Phil Niblock, whose fifty-year career spans minimalism and
experimental music, film, and photography. Joining Niblock will be experimental
video installation artist, Katherine Liberovskaya.
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Screening Room will present Milford Graves Full Mantis, a documentary about the legendary free jazz drummer, in conversation with filmmakers Jake Meginsky and Neil Young. On Saturday, Nov. 24, join us for a program of performance and video art featuring works by Amir George and Jason Ogawa and RBC Prize finalist, Jessica Mensch. And finally, Tone Deaf will co-present two programs of student works: “Livestreams” by the students of FILM 450 and “Small Devices Ensemble” by students of IDIS 311.
More information and a limited number of festival passes will be available at Those interested in Tone Deaf are encouraged to follow the festival at
Events list:
  • Thursday, Nov. 15, 8:00 pm at Next Church: Joseph Shabason, Tamayugé, locals - $10
  • Friday, Nov. 16, 8:00 pm at Next Church: Pantayo, Heidi Chan and Kyoko Ogoda, Bromp Treb, local - $10
  • Saturday, Nov. 17, 12:00 pm at Harrison-Le Caine Hall: “KuliVersity” kulintang workshop with Pantayo - Free
  • Saturday, Nov. 17, 4:00 pm at The Screening Room: Milford Graves Full Mantis screening with artist talk by filmmakers Jake Meginsky and Neil Young - $10/$8 for Screening Room members
  • Saturday, Nov. 17,10:00 pm at 12CAT: Phèdre with Lil Gay, Exquisite Ghost, Jake Meginsky - $10
  • Sunday, Nov. 18, 2:00 pm at The Human Media Lab, Queen’s University: Dimitri Georgaras, Roel Vertegaal, Kaitlin Saari, Diana Lawryshyn, with performance of Ralph Jones’ “Star Networks” by RV, DM, Jeremy Kerr and Matt Rogalsky - Free
  • Monday, Nov. 19, 12:00 pm at The Isabel Art & Media Lab: FILM 410: Video Production for Digital Media Live Streaming Performances - Free
  • Wednesday, Nov. 21, 7:00 pm at The Isabel Art & Media Lab: IDISC 311: Sound Production Small Devices Ensemble - Free
  • Thursday, Nov. 22, 7:00 pm at The Isabel Concert Hall EarWitness Eve Egoyan - $39 (General), $32 (Faculty/Staff), $16 (Students)
  • Friday, Nov. 23, 8:00 pm at The Agnes Etherington Art Centre: Phil Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya - $10
  • Saturday, Nov. 24, 6:00 pm at The Isabel Art & Media Lab: We can Be Anything (WBA) performance by Amir George and Jason Ogawa, Bio Caprice screening by Jessica Mensch - Free
  • Saturday, Nov. 24, 10:00 pm at 12CAT: Hieroglyphic Being, Korea Town Acid, FRCLN - $10
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