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EaSt Concert Series 2018-19

EaSt Concert Series 2018-19
A series of six multichannel electroacoustic concerts, Wednesday evenings in the ea classroom of Concordia University’s Electroacoustic Studies program.
After a decade of few formal fixed media concert events, 2018-19 will see / hear six small ‘Analysis&Concert’ multi-channel evenings, presented by Kevin Austin.
The structure of the evenings is:
Analysis 18:30 - 19:30
Coffee / break 19:30 - 20:00
Presentation of pieces 20:00 - 21:00

The analysis / description of each piece is provided as an aural guide to the works to be presented. As such, the listener’s hearing will be ‘sped up’, for a significantly more in-depth listeners’ experience.
September 19
[i] Chowning, Risset, Le Caine
October 17
[ii] Subotnick
November 14
[iii] Gotfrit, Koonce, lanza, Rhoades, SwitchedOnBa
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January 23
[iv] Stockhausen: Kontakte, Gesang der jünglinge
February 20
[v] Dobni, Lavigne, Richer, Stip JTTP [**]
March 13
[vi] Soundscape, ArtSound
Free of charge
Room: JMSB 8-345 [EaSt classroom]
1450, rue Guy [Métro Guy-Concordia] Montreal, QC
2018 – IX – 17 info:
[** presented in conjunction with the CEC]
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