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FWD - Music, Media, Arts Education – Conference report now online

Conference report now online
Music, Media, Arts Education.
A Pan-European Exchange of Views on Research, 
Praxis and Musical Education in the Digital Age

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, 

We are delighted to share with you today our conference report ‘Music, Media, Arts Education. A Pan-European Exchange of Views on Research, Praxis and Musical Education in the Digital Age’, available 

The report gives an overview of the key questions and topics of the interdisciplinary exchange from the online European conference ‘Music, Media, Arts Education’ last November, as well as some of the outcomes of German research projects from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s (BMBF) – funding line ‘Digitalisation in Arts and Cultural Education’, which were discussed during the event. Researchers, artists, music teachers and technologists from Germany, France, Poland, and further afield, came together to discuss the potential and challenges of digital technologies in music making, learning and teaching. 

The conference report is an excellent completion and consolidation of our audio-visual documentation of the conference, which we shared at the beginning of the year, and can be viewed on our YouTube channel: 

We wish you all the best, good health and resilience in these challenging times! 

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