Montag, 14. März 2022

NEWS - Click Tracker - Version 2.3 is out!

 Dear List,

Version 2.3 of the Click Tracker is out.

This version was generously supported by the Quatuor Bozzini (, and reflects mainly improvements gained from the perspective of the users.

The new features are divided into 3 categories:
Syntax features:
- added meters with mixed denominators
- added "x Y" command to repeat inputed events
- added fermatas
GUI features:
- new GUI layout
- removed "record" button
- added reset button for pickup bar
GUI features for the application and Max patch:
- added file drop to open a score
- change the window size to scale the contents
- added new control keys g l t u, also combined with shift for reset

As in the previous version, you can use in any of the following ways:
- as an android app ( or
- as a closed desktop app in windows ( or apple (

Due to Apple's recent security settings, you'll need to allow the Pd and other externals to run on your system.
WARNING: M1 users will need to run the program with Rosetta.

- as the traditional Pure Data patch (
- as a Max/MSP patch in windows ( or apple (

For more information, refer to the Click Tracker's website at
You can also visit the Click Tracker on facebook -, or check out the click track library in
With best regards,
João Pais
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