Montag, 7. März 2022

NEWS - Open Call: a Compilation for Ukraine

Dear members of DEGEM,

please make note of this compilation, consider donating a track and spreading the word around the world. Thank you!!

Kai Niggemann

Open Call for a Compilation for Ukraine

We are calling musicians and sound artists from all over the world. 

We are extremely concerned about the war in Ukraine and the aggression of Putin’s army.

We are trying to do our small part by raising money and raising awareness for the humanitarian disaster that is happening in Europe right now. 

We are looking for artists from all around the world in the genres of electronic music, experimental, ambient, industrial, Techno and related styles for a compilation. We would like to make this as broad as possible, so if in doubt, please submit your tracks.

We encourage everyone from everywhere to submit. The global south, minorities, female artists, LGBTIQ*-artists, yes, we encourage Russian artists to speak up, All of you are invited to submit a track.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be split evenly between the charities Vostok SOS [1] and the Ukrainian Red Cross. [2]

This call was initiated by the musicians from Snowbeasts (Elizabeth Virosa and Robert Galbraith from Providence, USA} and Kai Niggemann (Köln, Germany). Please spread the word all around the world. We’d love this project to be as international and broad as possible.

The album will be a digital release on Component Recordings [3] (Providence, USA) as a digital release. Due to urgency and need, we request that tracks arrive by March 10, 2022. Exclusive tracks are preferred but not required.

Please submit your tracks via file transfer (NO ATTACHMENTS!!) to:
File format: uncompressed WAV/AIF only
Deadline: March 10. 2022
Maximum Track length: 10 min


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