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CRAWLERS [Alexander Schubert]



If you read this, chances are, your data has been copied and altered -
by an AI bot collective - on your social media profile.

CRAWLERS is an anonymous collective of social bots crawling user data and establishing an uncanny parallel social network of warped truths and stolen personal information. The army of disguised fake identities acts like human profiles in order to scrape text, data and information from the befriended user accounts. Based on this transformed data a new mirror website of the social profiles is created step by step. It is called

Above you find a video trailer for the project.

If you got a message like this in the last months, then you're already online.
Don't be afraid. 

Crawlers has right now scanned and altered:
182.348 Posts, 314.726 Comments, 206.007 Post Images from 141.045 Users.
Find out if you have been crawled and edited as well:
Use the Search Option and see if you are amongst them:

This it how the alternate social network looks:
Below you can find some detailed information:
A presentation talk about the project can be found here.
A demo of the website can be found here.
Search for your profile here.
Submit your profile to be crawled as well here.
The project has been running for almost a year now, and before it will disperse at some point, I unveil the anonymity a bit, so you can get a glimpse before it disappears into digital ashes again.
All information on the project and credits can be found here.

Sorry for the two newsletters so close to another, now it'll be a half year pause again!
Thank you for your interest, Alexander
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