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Dear all,

I would like to share with you the documentation of the piece "ASTERISM".

Continuous two days of spiritual simulation, world building and deconstruction, excess, surrender, engagement and future observation.

You can watch the full video documentation or a shorter trailer.

Asterism is a simulation space for possible worlds: virtual, spiritual, dystopian and embracing. In a black hall, accessed through a preparation lock, an extract of reality is constructed - a complete natural copy of a living surrounding. This setting is interwoven with digital and AI controlled components, which create a space on the border of realities. It investigates the question of how much reduction can be done and still maintain the real - or what are the basic components to construct a spiritual experience. This clash and switching between worlds opens an insight into possible futures of a bio-technical nature in which humans are faced with new conditions. The setting was designed as an immersive experience space to which audience and performers alike were given access for 36 hours.

Here you find all credits for the project.

Here you can find a shorter trailer for the project.
Photos and VR stills of the project can be found here.
Here are a few talks, interviews and the likes:

Conversation with Jonathan Harth on VR and the Arts.

Darmstädter Ferienkurse Lecture on Digital Fluid Identities.

Soundmaking Episode on AI persona Av3ry.

Conversation about "Perfect Circle" with Sandris Munis.
Thank you for your interest,
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