Dienstag, 19. März 2019

B–CSC Winter Masterclass: The Art of Field Recording July 1 to July 5, 2019

The Bogong Centre for Sound Culture is excited to announce the fourth edition of their site-specific masterclass series titled The Art of Field Recording, to take place this winter in the snow-capped Victorian Alps. This five-day intensive masterclass is overseen by internationally acclaimed sound artists and recordists Douglas Quin [US] and Philip Samartzis [AU] will be an intense creative experience for all involved. The masterclass will draw on the ground-breaking work Quin and Samartzis have produced in the Arctic and Antarctica to demonstrate technical and creative processes used to register and exhibit the transformative effects of extreme climates upon wilderness ecologies.

During the five-day intensive masterclass participants will live, work and participate in group and individual tuition with two world renown sound recordists. They will learn how to prepare for and undertake deep fieldwork in remote wilderness environments, and their attendant conditions. Practical fieldwork will be complimented by technical demonstrations and conversations focusing on sound recording, compositional methods and analysis, spatial sound techniques, approaches to sound design, and strategies for broadcast and exhibition. Fieldwork will be undertaken at Howmans Gap, and in the spectacular mountain settings of the Bogong High Plains during the winter snow season. 

The Art of Field Recording is for anyone aspiring to work at a professional standard as an artist, composer or designer. Whether you are interested in sound art, film design, soundscape composition, acoustic ecology, experimental music, performance, spatial sound or environmental art, this masterclass will significantly enhance your knowledge and practice.

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